So you wanna buy a place in the Catskills.  But where to begin? If you’re like most people that we represent, you live in the city and want a place where family and friends can relax, breath in some fresh air and reconnect with nature. Assuming this is true for you, below is a list of threshold questions to consider as you start your search.


Maximum Travel Time?  If you’re going to be using your house exclusively on the weekend, you probably want to be within two hours of the city.  The good news, there are plenty of options on the southern side of the Catskills between the main towns of Kingston and New Paltz (e.g. Stone Ridge, High Falls, Rosendale, Accord, Kerhonkson, etc..). If you’ve got more flexibility in when you come and go, your options expand a bit further north (e.g. Woodstock, Phoenicia, Shokan, Olivebridge, Boiceville).  Each of these towns/areas has a distinct character and we’re always happy to hop on a call to share our local knowledge.


Access to a Town?  Some areas in the Catskills are quite remote while other areas feel remote but are within striking distance of the more vibrant towns of Kingston (aka Upstate Brooklyn), Woodstock or New Paltz.  If easy access is important to you, you’ll have to narrow your search accordingly.  The area between the three towns of Accord, High Falls and Stone Ridge (known locally as the ‘Golden Triangle’) is a good option if you’re looking for the remote feel with easy access to towns. It’s an area that attracts artists, foodies, creative professionals, and celebrities.


Aesthetic? An old or newly renovated farmhouse, a converted barn, stone house, a chalet, modern, or new construction? The options are quite varied.  If you have a strong preference, it may limit your options. But it will also allow you to stay focused on finding the perfect place. We’ve got a very good sense of the types of places that are currently available.


Turn Key or Weekend Project? Also consider whether you want a turn key option or a house in which you can invest your own sweat equity. When we purchased our house, I never expected to learn to build a deck, renovate a bathroom, or repaint the entire interior of a home but it turned out that with occasional assistance from a skilled handyman all of these skills were entirely within my wheelhouse.


Land Features? Mountain views, water features (e.g. pond, river, stream, creek, lake), tucked in the woods or surrounded by rolling meadows filled with wildflowers, stone walls, pine forests.  The terrain and land features are quite varied so as you start your search, think about what features you value.


We regularly meet clients in BK/MNH to discuss these and other key considerations when deciding to purchase a Catskills home.  Please feel free to email us at or call us at 917-597-7474 should you want to hop on a call or meet for a coffee.