About Us:

In 2011, my wife and I decided to buy a weekend escape in the Catskills. We wanted a place in a rural setting within a two-hour drive from Brooklyn (anything beyond that seemed a chore) with access to organic food, farms, hiking and charming towns. The Rondout Valley, an area tucked between the mountain ranges of the Catskills to the north and Shawangunks to the south, became an obvious choice. For the price of a small NYC studio apartment, we purchased a chalet style house with mountain views, wildflower filled meadows on seven very private acres.

These days we split our time between Brooklyn and the Catskills. Many of our clients are city dwellers looking for a weekend escape. As residents of the area, we’re very familiar with the various areas/towns in the region and can help guide you to a place that best fits your needs. We’re also intimately familiar with the nuances of owning a second home in the Catskills. 

About the Catskills:

The sheer physical beauty of the Catskills is undeniable but living here we’ve learned that its a place that demands the attention of all of our senses. Breathing in fresh air that changes aroma with the seasons; encountering wildlife whether a salamander hiding under a rock or black bear lumbering over a hillside; hearing owls hoot at night or woodpeckers tap away at trees in the early morning. Taking a refreshing dip in a local swimming hole or climbing a mountain for views that span hundreds of miles. It’s all here and within reach for many city dwellers.

Honestly, every weekend feels like a vacation. No matter the season.