The answer is simple: you want someone with a vested interest in finding you the right home, not someone with a vested interest in the sale of a particular home. Below are three advantages to using a broker that primarily represents buyers. 

It’s Free. The seller pays our commission so it costs you nothing and yet, you get remarkable value. Among other things, we’ll help you: (i) find properties that fit your criteria, (ii) advise you on current market conditions, (iii) craft competitive offers, (iv) sort through the various financing options, and (v) recommend mortgage brokers, local bankers, inspectors and attorneys to assist you in the various steps of the buying process. 

Unbiased Advice.  As a buyer’s broker, our sole focus is to help you find the right home. We have no loyalty to any particular agency, thus we’ll work with any agency that has a listing in which you’re interested.  A seller’s broker, on the other hand, may steer you toward one of his/her listings. In fact, they have a financial incentive to do so.   

Expertise in the the Buying Process.  Because we work exclusively with buyers, we’re experts at crafting and negotiating offers. Our knowledge of current market conditions, comparable sales and the process in general, will help us work with you to come up with an appropriate offer that is likely to be seriously considered by a seller. We’ll also identify potential issues and pitfalls early in the buying process to avoid having the deal fall apart as the purchase moves toward closing.

Ultimately we’ll act as zealous advocates with your interest as our sole focus. Yeah, it sounds sort of 'sales-y' but it's also the truth.

We regularly meet clients for coffee in the city (or the Accord area) to discuss this and other questions that potential Catskills real estate buyers have before embarking on a search. 

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