If you end up buying a weekend place in the Catskills, there will likely be many evenings spent outside on a porch or a deck.  Your over-stimulated brain will thank you for these moments, especially at dusk when the curative powers of the Catskills are at their strongest.  Its become a form of meditation for me but unlike a typical meditative experience, my eyes are wide open and I’m paying attention to everything around me.  And its in this basic practice of observation that I find a quiet mind.

I hear and see the breeze running over and rustling thru the leaves and pushing the long grasses in the meadow. A morning dove coos, an owl hoots, a frog ‘ribbits’.  As the light slips away, I watch the cloud formations transform from white, to pink, to purple, to gray and then, finally, black. The air is fresh and fragrant. Just the way air should smell.

My zen is occasionally interrupted by a bug smacking into my face. But moments later I’m pulled back into the observation. Usually it’s the bats that grab my attention as they dart about making our lives slightly less buggy.

The dark begins to reveal the night sky, filled with stars and dotted with planets and I retire inside. Completely clear-headed.